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Making the Web Work for You!

I'm ridiculously excited to be a part of the Highlight's Foundation Founder's Workshop: Making the Web Work for You! For long time blog readers, you will recall I was granted a scholarship to attend Highlight's Chautauqua workshop in 2006, and this workshop is the reason I am a published writer. Perhaps not the only reason, but a huge one. You can read about those adventures here. I'm very glad I'm not pregnant for this next conference, because I swear I cried on every author I met before. Just to be safe, you might not want to sit in my splash zone during workshops.
This workshop is for writers at all different points in the publishing process and hopefully by the end of the week you'll have a clear blueprint for online promotion. The other speakers are AMAZING, and I've already learned so much from them already. I'll also be offering manuscripts critiques during the week, and Honesdale is picturesque paradise, so you're going to be inspired across the writerly board. And I hear the food is good. Not that that was a qualifier in my professional commitment. Well, not the MAIN qualifier.
If you do sign up, let me know! They offer dozens of workshops, so check the website

The Highlights Foundation, Honesdale, PA, kicks off 2012 with the workshop, "Making the Web Work for You,” March 4-8. 
Making the Web Work for You with Laurina Cashin, Bobbie Combs, Katie Davis, and Lindsey Leavitt and special guests:  Paul Crichton, the Director of Publicity for Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing, and Jules Danielson, the co-creator of the wildly popular children’s book blog “Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.” 
It takes more than a stellar book to make an impact in today’s publishing climate. Media promotion through websites, blogs, social media, social cataloging, Skype, and podcasts is integral to successfully launching a children’s book and a writing career! 
To apply for a spot, contact Jo Lloyd at Or phone, (570) 253-1192.


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